Motivating Top Talent Across Generations

The most important asset to any organization is its people. Leaders must find ways to support top talent in order to achieve higher retention and performance success.


Workforce trends and workplace culture has changed dramatically in recent years. Understanding what motivates employees from different generations, helping them strengthen their well-being, and developing top talent to support their performance are all critical for today's leaders.

Discovering one's purpose behind their work is a guiding theme in this one-day program. Participants will explore the new psychology of how work is seen and valued; the critical elements of well-being, self-care, and individual motivators; and how to align employees' performance with overall organizational performance. Conversations, discussions, and experiential activities are interwoven throughout the session.


Team leaders, managers, or anyone in a position to support their colleagues will benefit from this program.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Understanding the foundation of new motivational norms
  • Developing mindsets to shift from old motivations to the new motivational norms
  • Identifying best practices to support a high performance/high retention culture amidst the new psychology of work
  • Recognizing practical ways to embrace the cultural development necessary to attract and retain top talent
  • Establishing next steps to win the war for talent in this competitive labor market


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