Coaching and Consulting Solutions

Learning in a group setting can be highly beneficial; however, sometimes an individual approach is preferred. XLC has a team of highly skilled professionals, subject-matter experts, and certified executive coaches who can assist you in meeting your unique goals and objectives. Our approach is highly impactful in helping clients to achieve desired performance and results.

These engagements can be coupled with private programs and enrollment in XLC's Corporate University. Additionally, XLC offers a wide variety of assessments and profiles to leverage personal insights for maximum impact.


Highlights of our customizable coaching and consulting solutions are:

  • Coaches can meet in one-on-one or group settings for highly personable guidance
  • Our expert coaches are trained to build a rapport while creatively supporting agreed-upon goals, so our clients can make a difference within their organizations
  • Coaches and consultants can utilize organizations' mission, values, and relevant data to create personalized experiences that can provide immediate value

How do organizations work with XLC to create coaching and consulting engagements?

Coaching and consulting programs are designed around your team, your culture, and your business values.

We begin by asking questions and listening carefully to your business challenges and desired outcomes. It is through this process that we can more clearly understand your needs, suggest the coach or consultant that fits your needs best, and design a program that will effectively help your business achieve its goals.