Elevate Leadership Certificate Program

Effective leaders continuously enhance their skill set to make an impact on the people and organizations they lead. The journey is defined by experience, self-awareness, and personal development. As leaders rise in organizations, they must elevate their skill sets to see the organization from a higher viewpoint, entrusting their colleagues and reports to manage everyday tasks.

This interactive learning experience enables participants to learn in a smaller, more intimate cohort. The program will explore the characteristics of great leaders from a human-centered and business acumen approach. Participants will learn new tools to help them grow into more senior roles, lead teams through change, inspire a workplace built on collaboration, and develop actionable plans to achieve long-term success.


Program Components:

The journey begins with a virtual group introductory call to meet the program facilitators and cohort members. Participants will have reflective work in between each in-person session to encourage learning, skill development, and reflection outside of the in-person sessions.

Session 1: Engaging Strengths

  • Recognize existing leadership strengths and development opportunities
  • Identify what a good leader looks like and how to elevate oneself into a more senior role
  • Differentiate between micro- and macro-levels of management
  • Understand how self-awareness impacts relationships and an organization's overall success
  • Create a plan to build a board of advisors and network with other senior leaders

Session 2: Empowering People

  • Determine ways to coach, mentor, and develop others
  • Strengthen organizational trust
  • Implement best practices for effective delegation
  • Explore a leader’s role in decision-making

Session 3: Embracing Change

  • Develop a holistic perspective of an organization and realize the overall impact change can have
  • Become familiar with the phases of change
  • Explore strategies for leading oneself, individuals, teams, and organizations through ongoing change
  • Discover how to inspire a culture of adaptability

Session 4: Executing Forward

  • Create and communicate an organizational-level strategic plan
  • Implement and measure strategic initiatives
  • Establish succession plans

Virtual Group Reflection Calls

Following the in-person sessions, the cohort will meet for two virtual group check-in sessions to discuss how they have incorporated their learning into their lives and how they can continue to improve and sustain their new practices.


Upper-level managers preparing for the next level or those new to senior leadership roles who are responsible for a division or overall organization.


  • Shift from a task-oriented management mindset into a “big picture” perspective
  • Capitalize on prior leadership experience to develop an authentic leadership aspiration
  • Effectively interact with all levels of an organization for maximum impact
  • Develop strategic and long-term thinking
  • Guide an organization through change
  • Establish habits and behaviors for continued improvement to retain leadership skills


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Effective Decision Making

In this fast-paced world, a person’s and their team’s effectiveness in getting things done at work depends on decision-making. How a person manages their time, what meetings they go to, and the work their team focuses on are all based on effective decision-making methods. And yet, according to a global McKinsey study from 2019, only 20% of respondents say their organizations excel at decision-making.


In this one-day program, participants will explore various ways and methods to make decisions as both an individual and as a leader. Then, the program will focus on how to build a culture of effective decision-making within an organization. Real-world examples and interactive activities will guide discussions and showcase examples of great and not-so-great decision-making skills.


Professionals at all levels in any industry who want to develop their decision-making skills will benefit from this program.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Identify various methods to make decisions
  • Leading group decision-making processes by understanding how others make decisions
  • Learn strategies to make personal decisions more effectively
  • Discover how to be consistent and empowering as a decision-making leader
  • Balance autonomy and risk when creating an organizational culture


Cintas Center
1624 Musketeer Drive
Cincinnati, 45207 United States
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