Elevating Your Professional Image

Developing and demonstrating an intentional personal brand identity will create a more positive reputation, foster better and lasting impressions, and may bolster the influence you have upon others.


Participants in this highly interactive course will begin by studying human psychology, their own biases, and how others perceive them. Building upon this foundation, participants will then identify the skills, characteristics, and abilities that make them unique. The program will combine all of these facets of one’s persona, showing how a personal brand is made and utilized. Participants will create an action plan to acknowledge the areas they want to develop so that their personal brand can evolve into the version of how they want to be perceived in the world long-term.


Appropriate for current leaders, new managers, and future managers.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Understanding what a personal brand is and its impact on building relationships
  • Discovering how one’s personal brand can influence their career
  • Uncovering personal strengths and development opportunities
  • Developing actionable goals for enhancing one’s professional image, reputation, relationships, and self-confidence
  • Communicating a brand identity to get positively recognized and advance one’s career


Cintas Center
1624 Musketeer Drive
Cincinnati, 45207 United States
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