Executing Business Strategy

A successful organizational strategy needs to address two essential questions: where in the market should the organization focus and how can the organization differentiate itself from competitors. A strategy is only effective, however, when members of the organization at all levels can understand the plan and meaningfully contribute.


In this program, you will learn how to define a business strategy and communicate it to peers, supervisors, and reports. Once participants can capture the elements of a strategy, they will explore the strategy’s execution. Creating a cohesive and comprehensive strategic plan will be guided by the OGSM method while also referencing other approaches.

Filled with small and large group exercises, case studies, and concrete examples, participants will be able to immediately identify and advance their organization’s strategy.


Designed for professionals at all levels who want to align their day-to-day responsibilities with their organization’s longterm goals.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Understanding the core goals of business strategy
  • Identifying the role of change planning and execution management
  • Assessing a company using SWOT analysis
  • Communicating the impact of culture and organizational design on strategy
  • Implementing a strategic planning process for any size company, including a dashboard
  • Solving common problems with strategic planning and execution


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