Train-the-Trainer:How Adults Learn and Creative Facilitation Techniques

Train-The-Trainer promises to help you revolutionize how you train employees.

The ways we train and develop our people in the professional world are in continual change and growth. We will adapt and learn, or not. Times and technology change frequently, as seen by the COVID-19 pandemic, while how people LEARN and GROW has stayed more constant. We will experience and apply tools to stay true to what works in teaching working professionals while adapting to new delivery methods and platforms both in-person and virtually.

Participants of the Train-the-Trainer program will learn the essentials of the training function and directly apply new content to their jobs while exploring the best in-person and online training practices. You will learn the keys to teaching virtually, both with and without PowerPoint!

Whether you are a seasoned pro looking for a refresh or are new to the game and require a strong foundational knowledge in critical training skills, the Train-the-Trainer program will leave your audience praising your training abilities. Come join us for the nation’s highest-rated Train-The-Trainer program. Take training to an entirely new level!

Train-the-Trainer is presented in two formats: a 2-day and a 4-day experience. This 2-day experience is the first half of the 4-day program and focuses on how adults learn and how to facilitate creatively. The 4-day program builds off of this foundation to explore training design. Learn more about the 4-day program here.

Both formats of the Train-the-Trainer program allow participants to practice their new training skills and tools each day of the program by delivering a mock training ranging from 1-15 minutes. Participants are asked to prepare for these mock trainings both inside and outside of each session as well as to bring a recording device such as a smartphone.

2 Day Program

Train the Trainer: FACILITATING TRAINING – How Adults Learn (Day 1)

The key to adult learning is facilitating learning experiences, rather than telling what you know. Train-the-Trainer: How Adults Learn helps you to develop a new, more energized, and more effective style of training that speaks to adults in a way that is relevant. This program is practical, fast-paced, and results-oriented and serves as a real-time model for participants. You can personally experience the principles behind adult training that really works.

You’ll learn the keys to formatting and delivering your message in a way that finally makes sense to your learners. Participation in this session can literally revolutionize the way you approach every training challenge.

Train the Trainer: FACILITATING TRAINING – Creative Facilitation Techniques (Day 2)

This is a day of heavy-duty immersion learning — you will learn by doing and discover how to help your trainees do the same. You’ll explore every stage of the facilitation process from icebreakers at the opening to action planning at the close. You’ll learn at your own pace and face challenges geared toward your level of expertise and application.

Best of all, you’ll get to see yourself in action. You’ll be videotaped while conducting a brief training sequence then receive feedback from your instructor. Here is a rare opportunity to assess and refine your facilitation skills with guidance from other training professionals. Participation in this session can literally revolutionize the way you approach every training challenge.


Training managers, HR specialists, designers, facilitators, or evaluators of training programs will benefit from this program.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Experience, understand, and apply techniques in the Trainer’s Toolbox. With over 45 tools and 300+ ideas to save time, reduce development costs, and improve results
  • Effectively lead students with energy, confidence, and authenticity
  • Create engaging delivery techniques to adapt to changing needs of people, time, and scope
  • Devise creative facilitation techniques and focused learning objectives
  • Advance skills in videotaped mini-trainings
  • Apply tools to both virtual and in-person training


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