Feedback and Conflict Management

Effective communication and conflict management skills are essential for lowering stress, mitigating arguments, and improving productivity.


At some point in any professional's career, they will experience opposing thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. Disagreements about how projects are executed, decisions are made, or colleagues behave can all lead to conflict. Feedback discussions can be especially tense if communication is not clear.

This program begins by exploring the major causes of conflict in the workplace. Then, strategies are discussed for building psychological safety and managing emotional reactions during difficult and critical conversations. Next, participants will gain the confidence to deliver and receive feedback in a respectful, yet honest, way. Through experiential learning and real-world examples, participants at any level will be able to alleviate conflict before it becomes a serious issue.


Any professional in any industry will benefit from learning tools for managing conflict and better communication.


Participants will walk away with these skills:
  • Developing the ability to communicate effectively, even in difficult situations
  • Understanding when a conversation could turn critical and how to prepare for it
  • Incorporating strategies to create and maintain good working relationships
  • Learning methods to remain calm, respectful, and rational during heated discussions
  • Creating psychologically safe environments that encourage healthy communication
  • Delivering honest feedback confidently while treating the other person with dignity
  • Receiving feedback with a self-growth mindset


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