Data for Decision Making – Online/Asynchronous

Data for Decision Making is an online, asynchronous program with the flexibility for you to start and complete the program on your own time over the course of three weeks. It focuses on the business leader using data and its hidden secrets to make and communicate better business decisions.


This program is designed to familiarize participants with basic statistical tools, methods, and techniques used to transform raw data into actionable information. This information is used to support and validate business decisions. Using the vast array of data available in and outside an organization paired with basic statistical knowledge, leaders can predict trends and make decisions while assessing risk. This gives leaders a greater opportunity for them to outpace their competitors.


Data for Decision Making is designed for managers and emerging leaders who strive to lead others and make organizational decisions based on actual data.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Using statistical methods to create, analyze, and transform data into information used in business decision making
  • Describing data using tools to measure central tendency and dispersion
  • Employing systems to describe data using levels of confidence and interpret confidence intervals
  • Using Excel to complete statistical data analyses including normal distribution functions and linear regression