The Business of Employee Engagement

Management of the people side of business is essential to the success of any organization. The role and responsibility of leadership includes retaining and developing their human capital.

Employees are engaged when they have measurable goals, constructive and relevant feedback, relevant training and professional development, and are connected to the mission of the organization.


This program provides key resources and tools for leaders to create an environment of employee engagement, connect employees to the mission, and communicate their department’s impact on the bottom line through successful employee development and retention.


Professionals in a manager role or leaders of all kinds will benefit from this program.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Matching talent with roles
  • Coaching and mentoring methods
  • Assessing development goals and strategies
  • Providing relevant feedback to create a feeling of value
  • Maximizing employee performance
  • Retention strategies
  • Utilizing data to communicate employee engagement success on the organization’s bottom line


Cintas Center
1624 Musketeer Drive
Cincinnati, 45207 United States
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