Data-Driven Storytelling

Data provides the foundation for making smart and appropriate choices in many contexts. However, it is not unusual for managers to be overwhelmed by the amount of data available to them within their organization and the marketplace. To tell an effective, data-inspired story, it is important to find and use the most applicable information.


This session first aims to aid participants in understanding what question is at hand, differentiating between the types of data available, and pinpointing the data source that best explains the narrative behind the numbers. Discussion on what makes a good data-driven story will follow. Then, the program will explore the interpretation of relevant data to convey an effective narrative and visual story, guiding more informed business choices.

Broad discussion related to the type of statistical analyses needed for the data interpretation will be incorporated where necessary to aid understanding. However, the scope of the session does not cover data analysis in detail. Instead, emphasis is on telling a better story with the right data.


Professionals in any industry wanting to improve data-driven storytelling practices.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Identifying the story that needs to be told as well as the needed data
  • Understanding how to interpret the collected data.
  • Translating the data into an effective story for the desired target audience.
  • Incorporating relevant visuals to support the data's story
  • Persuading an audience with a narrative inferred from data


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