Population Health Certificate

Population health consists of analyzing population-based outcome patterns influenced by where people are born, grow, work, and age (Nash et al., 2021). Population-focused care explores the influence of Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) on health-related outcomes as well as patient motivation to engage in care.

Healthcare professionals will understand the differences between population health and medical care/episodes of care and learn problem-solving approaches and tools to incorporate population analytics and informatics for actionable responses to change population health outcomes. The two-day experience will end with a problem-solving team experience to practice utilizing tools to incorporate patient data analysis in actionable responses to change population health outcomes.

Program Topics:

  • Understanding the fee-for-service model
  • Principles of Value-Based Model (VBM)
  • Complexities of Population Health and the Social and Environmental Determinants of Health
  • Data-Driven Problem Solving in Value-Based Environments


Day 1: Introducing Value-Based Care

  • Develop an understanding of the differences between a fee-for-service and a value-based model of care
  • Learn the principles of a value-based model of care, such as the triple aim, capitation, risk stratification, and program integration
  • Define population health, and learn about determinants of health
  • Learn problem-solving approaches in a value-based environment

Day 2: Integrating Value-Based Care

  • Learn principles of process improvement
  • Learn about sources of data, research design, data collection, data visualization, and project evaluation principles
  • Apply principles of problem-solving to example scenarios
  • Develop oral presentation skills


Any interprofessional healthcare worker responsible for point-of-care encounters (i.e. nurses, social workers, physicians, physician assistants, primary care professionals, etc.) will benefit from this program.


Cintas Center
1624 Musketeer Drive
Cincinnati, 45207 United States
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