Rethinking Recruitment

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Human resource managers and talent acquisition specialists face the difficult challenge of finding the best talent for their organizations. The search and hiring of candidates is oftentimes a race against the clock. Organizations have countless obstacles such as competing with other offers, the increased desire for higher salaries instead of total benefits packages, and candidates wanting remote and hybrid work environments.


This one-day program will examine existing recruitment strategies and guide participants to develop new and innovative ideas. Small and large group discussions and guided brainstorming are interwoven throughout the program. Relatable real-life case studies will be presented that mirror current recruitment challenges.


Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Hiring Managers, and other team-building professionals would benefit from this program.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Identify the four different types of candidates
  • Recognize if an organization needs an internal change to attract external candidates
  • Learn how to attract a bigger applicant pool for open positions
  • Implement a quick and efficient hiring process
  • Design the best offer package when pay is an important factor
  • Develop and integrate strategies to retain existing teams
  • Manage and Prevent the effects of burnout


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