WordSmith Online Writing Program

American companies spend over $3.1 billion annually to train employees in basic writing. Strong, confident writers perform well and add value.

This online program empowers professionals, and quite possibly helps them get promoted, by offering lifetime access to engaging, highly relevant case studies and examples from actual business settings.


Wordsmith includes 32 video lessons, 5 case studies, and 25+ pages of downloadable resources, all focused on translating grammar and style best practices into better workplace writing.

Participants will learn to write correctly, clearly, concisely, and with an awareness of context and culture.


Professionals looking to improve their writing skills.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Write clearly and concisely
  • Transform into error-resistant writers
  • Complete writing tasks more efficiently
  • Share ideas logically & creatively to maximize impact
  • Consider their audience’s perspective
  • Write in ways that inspire others to take action