Moving into Management

This 2-day introductory leadership program is designed to equip new and upcoming managers with the necessary skills to be successful in their roles. Oftentimes, managers struggle with the transition from peer to supervisor because they have not been trained or even exposed to leadership best practices. Filled with discussions, case studies, and experiential activities, participants will explore concrete and practical examples to equip themselves with the needed tools and skills as they move into management.


Program Components:

Setting the Leadership Foundation:

    • Compare and contrast leadership and management in a post-pandemic and increasingly complex world
    • Explore various management styles and their benefits and advantages
    • Realize the importance of emotional intelligence and self-awareness

Effective Communication and Relationship Building:

      • Explore the art of clear, persuasive, and empathetic communication
      • Recognize the underlying message of nonverbal communication and body language
      • Learn how to actively listen and provide constructive feedback
      • Build trust and rapport to develop strong relationships with team members and direct reports
      • Understand the sources of conflict and how to address them

Unlocking the Potential of Teams:

    • Discuss team roles and dynamics
    • Utilize the five stages of team development to build and lead effective teams
    • Empower others through coaching, feedback, and ongoing development via one-on-ones
    • Learn techniques for motivating and engaging team members while recognizing and rewarding contributions

Problem-Solving and Decision-Making:

    • Evaluating problems to make informed decisions
    • Communicating complex decisions to various audiences
    • Recognizing the importance of ethical behavior in decision-making
    • Overcoming resistance to change and developing a culture of adaptability

Leading into the Future:

    • Discover ways to leverage an organization’s Human Resources office.
    • Align actions and team deliverables with organizational goals
    • Leveraging SMART goals for personal and team member growth
    • Establish practices, behaviors, and habits of continuous improvement


New managers, those with 1-3 years of managerial experience, and identified future managers within an organization.


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The Business of Employee Engagement

Management of the people side of business is essential to the success of any organization. The role and responsibility of leadership includes retaining and developing their human capital.

Employees are engaged when they have measurable goals, constructive and relevant feedback, relevant training and professional development, and are connected to the mission of the organization.


This program provides key resources and tools for leaders to create an environment of employee engagement, connect employees to the mission, and communicate their department’s impact on the bottom line through successful employee development and retention.


Professionals in a manager role or leaders of all kinds will benefit from this program.


Participants will walk away with these skills:

  • Matching talent with roles
  • Coaching and mentoring methods
  • Assessing development goals and strategies
  • Providing relevant feedback to create a feeling of value
  • Maximizing employee performance
  • Retention strategies
  • Utilizing data to communicate employee engagement success on the organization’s bottom line


Cintas Center
1624 Musketeer Drive
Cincinnati, 45207 United States
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Public Sector Leadership Certificate Program

The Public Sector Leadership Certificate (PSLC) is designed for emerging leaders or those wanting to energize their leadership working in law enforcement, public safety, city, state, and county government, and any public sector organization.

This program was developed through extensive feedback from public sector leaders about what is needed to be successful in the public sector currently and in our changing world.


This program incorporates an assessment that provides a picture of your current management and leadership strengths while providing insight into opportunity areas for growth and development.

Program topics include:

  • Exploration of proven leadership characteristics: empathy, integrity, trust, etc.
  • Understanding your authentic leadership strengths and opportunities
  • Understanding of how others view your leadership
  • Using strategy to achieve your organization’s mission and vision
  • The importance of building trust and relationships
  • Tools for managing critical conversations
  • Understanding trends in the Public Sector
  • Carrying out organizational vision and strategy

Prior to the start of the program, participants will complete an assessment focused on their leadership skills. The assessment provides a picture of your current management and leadership strengths while providing insight to opportunity areas for growth and development. Results from this assessment will guide discussions throughout the 4-day program.


Current and emerging leaders or experienced leaders within a public sector organization wanting to energize their leadership skills. Participants with direct reports will greater benefit from the program.


"I would highly recommend the program for your executive level staff, but especially for your mid-level managers and supervisors. The vast variety of topics, group work, and peer interaction all benefited me in my position."

— Chief Steve Pegram, Goshen Township Fire & EMS

"I think every public servant should take the Public Sector Leadership Program at Xavier Leadership Center. It is a completely transformational experience. Not only do you discover your strengths as a leader and a public servant, but your opportunities for growth as well."

— Earl Price, Sheriff's Captain, Training Coordinator, Hamilton Sheriff Department

"The Public Sector Leader Certificate Program gave me the knowledge to not only be able to properly rate myself as leader but also to see how others in my field rated me. This side by side comparison opened my eyes to areas I hadn’t thought of as in need of improvement and pointed out strengths I didn’t know I had."

— Chief Richard L. Wallace, Amberley Village Police-Fire Department

“The Public Sector Leadership Certificate Program provided me with an opportunity to recognize what leadership qualities I already possessed and taught me to build upon those qualities to make me an even more productive leader.”

— Captain Ron Wallace, Norwood Fire Department


Cintas Center
1624 Musketeer Drive
Cincinnati, 45207 United States
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